Christmas In Paris by Anita Hughes

Anita Hughes

Christmas In Paris

CHRISTMAS IN PARIS by Anita Hughes.  The most magical week of the year. And then imagine spending it in the City of Light. So I just spent the past couple days immersed in this charming story of love and Paris. What a treat.

This was the perfect book for me to read this week. I didn’t want anything deep or disturbing. I needed to escape. And escape I did. To the most wonderful city. To tell you the truth I still feel a bit as if I’ve been dipped in spun sugar and turned into Cinderella.

Isabel Lawson’s fiancee sprung a big one on her, and only a week before their wedding. He decided to trade his high powered job in to go run the family farm. Yikes. Not what Isabel had in mind as she totally loved her job in finance and was certainly not ready to chuck it all… So, she called off the wedding.  Her fiancee told her she might as well use the honeymoon suite at the Hôtel de Crillon. After all, why should it go to waste?

We find Isabel has arrived at the famous hotel and is stranded on the balcony late at night when the doors lock and she can’t get back into her rooms. As luck would have it she throws her satin Ferragamo pump at the neighboring balcony door. And out pops a sleepy-headed young man in a robe and pajamas. And so it begins.

You can already see that this is no literary novel.  And that’s exactly what I loved about it.  Of course Alec, the man Isabel meets on the balcony, is a French children’s book illustrator who has recently been jilted by his own fiancee. Celine ran off with a handsome soccer star to Australia, all on a whim. And so he is left behind at the hotel in a suite his father-in-law to be already paid for.

I’ve read a lot of books that take place in and around Paris. Most of them are period novel set in ww11. So this was enchanting for me. Anita Hughes brilliantly sets this story in a magical setting that is both heartwarming and candy-coated. From the first scene on the balcony of the Hȏtel de Crillon as Isabel leans against the creamy stone ledge dreaming of the holiday markets lining the Champs-Èlysées to the sparkling jewels and gorgeous fashions.  And I can’t forget the mouth-watering French food. I enjoyed it all. Yes, it’s a romance novel. And, no, not my usual read. But sometimes we just need an escape. And in this case this one turned out to be well-done and perfect for the holiday.

I actually bought my copy from Copperfish Books. I’m really happy that I did. Now back to more literary stuff. More soon…


One thought on “Christmas In Paris by Anita Hughes

  1. A non war book about Paris…..I’m in. So many of my friends ask me to recommend a book that is not depressing. It looks like we finally have one. Thanks.Judi.

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