Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman


Alice Hoffman’s new novel FAITHFUL begins in a very dark place. But by the end it’s lifted you up given you such heart. I keep thinking about it. So will you.

” For anyone who’s ever been a hurt teenager, for every mother of a daughter who has lost her way, FAITHFUL is a roadmap.”

Shelby Richardson has just been involved in a tragic accident. She’s sixteen. She was the one driving the car on a snowy, dark night on Long Island. She didn’t really want to go out that night but, her best friend did….Immediate devastation.  Helene is in a coma. The outlook is not good. Shelby can not deal with it. She curls inside herself and tries to disappear. And she almost does. It gets worse and worse.

I can’t imagine dealing with anything like this. But Alice Hoffman has written a beautiful story of struggle after tragedy, and I have totally found myself rooting my head off for Shelby’s survival. After all, her friend has lost her future, but so might Shelby…

Shelby moves to NYC with her new boyfriend. She’s shaved her head and wears ragged old clothes. Ben and Shelby are a most unlikely couple.  And Shelby is very good at using poor Ben who has fallen in love with her. Add Chinese food, dogs-both stolen and rescued, bookstores-especially The Strand, lost and found souls, and all the wrong men. Then toss in an angel. It’s a great story.

FAITHFUL is about much more than faith. Guilt runs highly throughout the entire novel.  Family and friendship prevail in this profound and deeply moving story. The more I think about it, the more compelled I am to say I absolutely loved this book! Boom!


Alice Hoffman


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