This Was A Man by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer

This Was A Man

Finally, here it is; the final installment of The Clifton Chronicles. After deciding to add more books to this amazing series, it went from being five books to seven, each ending with an eye-opening cliff-hanger. After all, Archer is a master storyteller!!

THIS WAS A MAN begins with a shot being fired. Archer does like to get things started with a bang:) And we don’g know who pulled the trigger… A stellar beginning, for sure.

In this last installment we find out if Giles Barrington’s wife Karin actually was a spy. We see inside the realm of Margaret Thatcher as she takes office. And we get a lot more of the antics of Lady Virginia. What a piece of work she is.  Sadly,  a serious health issue shows up at the end of this novel.

Jeffrey Archer knows his way around The House of Lords. He spent twenty-two years in the House. He also served five years in Britain’s House of Commons.  He was educated at Oxford University. You can see he is certainly no slouch. Very qualified to tell these stories. No wonder they ring with authenticity. They are.

So after spending seven years reading about this fabulously interesting family, and becoming very invested in them all, I can’t help but wonder what Archer will bring us next. It’s sure to be something fabulous. Of this I am certain!

Thank you St. Martin’s Press for this wonderful finished hardcopy. I loved it! As always, this arrived in exchange for an honest review.


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