The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Fixer Upper

The Magnolia Story

I became a huge fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines a couple of years ago when I started watching their wildly popular home show called “Fixer Upper.” It’s not even that we were looking to tear walls down in our home or, paint, or even get new appliances. It was just such an entertaining and fun show to watch. My husband quickly hopped aboard the Fixer Upper bandwagon too.

Waco, Texas. I wonder how many people have visited the once sleep town of Waco. Moreover, I wonder how many have actually relocated because of this show. I imagine we would all be shocked. Chip and Joanna are charismatic and smart. They are also hard working and down to earth. They are GOOD people, and in the crazy upside down world we live in these days, that’s HUGE.

You will love hearing about how Chip and Joanna met.  And how they started out small and worked their way up. Work. That’s what they do. Hard.

I love the farm house. I love the Silos. Their kids are sweet and smart. What’s not to love? When they first began selling stuff on their website I was excited. However, that does seem to be a bit over- the- top for me. Plus, I don’t need Joanna’s purse. You know.

My daughter is also a fan. I am concerned as they continue to get more and more popular that their appeal may wane. My husband is already a bit over them. But we will watch this upcoming season and hope for more of the same. Call it entertainment.  This book is a great gift for this holiday season.


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