Election Day: Mimi and Wyatt or… The Other Two?

Election 2016

Mimi For President Humane Party

You haven’t heard much from Mimi and Wyatt lately. There’s a reason for that. Enough has been going on about the candidates. We are all tired of hearing of the flaws of both candidates. So unAmerican  if you ask the two candidates from the Humane Party:)


Wyatt For President




Mimi and Wyatt have decided the smart thing to do would be to run together.  It’s the Humane Ticket. They promise nothing. They expect nothing. And they have no immediate plans for the future other than napping, eating their favorite foods, sunning on the lanai, and racing around the house chasing their tails. It is what it is.

But these two are nice to each other. They don’t complain. And they share:)

Mimi and Wyatt for President!! Go vote.


4 thoughts on “Election Day: Mimi and Wyatt or… The Other Two?

  1. Is it bad that one of them looks like Hillary and one looks like Trump? My eyes. I need to go through a purification process when this is all said and done. Lots of wine will be consumed tonight. I can’t be responsible for what is said during that time.

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