Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson

Another Brooklyn

You can see the sticker on the front of this novel. It’s ays clearly National Book Award Finalist. Yes, this year. Right now. It could win!

ANOTHER BROOKLYN, by Jacqueline Woodson, is her first adult novel in 20 years. It’s tiny in size and huge in scope.

People Magazine says,” An engrossing novel about friendship, race, the magic of place and the relentlessness of change.

Ron Charles, the editor of The Washington Post’s Book World, loved it.

In less than 200 powerful pages, Woodson manages to bring to life the very essence of Brooklyn and  bring us a very real story about how it was in the 1970’s in this part of NYC. It’s both heartbreaking and compelling. Four young girls become young women while enduring all the odds.

August is  looking back in time and remembering her time in Brooklyn as a child as the story begins. Her father decided to move to NYC after her mom’s death.  But August never got over her mom’s death. She refused to acknowledge it. Grief is a strange and terrible thing.

Woodson uses her talent at young adult writing to bring this story to life. She is able to give the characters the insight and familiarity they need to come alive on the page. And she knows her Brooklyn.  August struts the streets as only girls of a certain age can do. At first, she only watches them from her window high above the streets. But, finally, her dad allows her to go a bit farther out into the world. The world of Brooklyn in the 70’s was a dangerous world of drugs, prostitutes, and hot vapid fear.

Another Brooklyn

Jacqueline Woodson

“Jacqueline Woodson’s ANOTHER BROOKLYN  heartbreakingly illuminates the formative time when childhood gives way to adulthood–the promise and peril of growing up–exquisitely renders a powerful, indelible, and fleeting friendship that united four young lives.”

Jacqueline Woodson recently won the National Book Award for her memoir, BROWN GIRL DREAMING. Her prose is mesmerizing.  Her story- telling divine.

My review copy of ANOTHER BROOKLYN came from Harper Collins Publishing.



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