Winter Storms by Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Storms

WINTER STORMS is the third and final episode in the Winter Street Trilogy. We find the Quinn family dealing with trials and errors just trying to get through the year.

Patrick is about to get out of jail after spending more than a year on the inside for insider trading. What has his almost perfect wife Jennifer been doing while he’s been away?

Ava is juggling two serious boyfriends. But she’s fed up with it all. The story begins with Ava vacationing on the island of Anguilla with her famous mother.  I never expected to visit Anguilla in one of these holiday books. I was totally caught off guard. It took me back to several years ago when I vacationed on this very island with my husband. We went specifically to  have dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Blanchard’s. And, yes, Blanchard’s is featured here. Small world.  But Ava meets someone totally different while basking in the sun. How  will this guy feature in her life?

Kevin and Isabelle finally decide to tie the knot. Now that Kevin’s new business on the beach is thriving he can afford to fly Isabelle’s parents over from France to be at the wedding. And, by the way, they’ve set the date for Christmas Eve. Very sweet and romantic.

Santa Claus is back. But he and Bitsy are caput.  Bitsy is back with Kelly. Kelly’s ex -Margaret is getting married… Yes, confusing. But only if  you are trying to read this book before reading the first two.  You will want to read those first:)

Even though I would classify this seasonal book as light, it is not all candy and roses; certainly not a romance.  Serious issues are tackled and done well.

I usually try to choose at least one holiday book to showcase each season. This year I have two. Even though I live in sunny S.W. Florida year-round, I totally enjoy spending Christmas on the snowy island of Nantucket, in my mind. Total fantasy for me…

I’ve been reading Hilderbrandelin-hilderbrand for years and years. In fact, I’ve read every single one of her books. She has a book out each summer. It always takes place on Nantucket. What’s not to like about that:) And the past three years she’s put a book out each winter about the holidays. These reads are not complicated. But they are good reads that are well-written and deal with issues we can all relate to.  I’m so happy so many readers have discovered her.

It was hard for me to get the idea of the holidays into my head so soon, but then I realized that they truly are right around the corner. And now I find myself getting into the spirit:)

My lovely finished copy arrived from the very generous people at Little Brown publishing. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the book and it’s getting me in the mood for the holidays:)


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