Best Selling Novelist Writes Family And Friends Cookbook

Jane Green

Good Taste

They couldn’t have chosen a more fitting photo for the cover of Jane Green’s new cookbook, GOOD TASTE. It’s all about cooking for family and friends and this lovely table speaks for itself.

Jane Green is the best selling author of several novels, the latest is FALLING.  She’s also had some culinary training.  She humbly admits to a little training  at the French Culinary Institute in New York.  But the recipes in her cookbook are ones she’s lovingly collected over the years. They’re easy to prepare and she’s titled the contents  as Beginnings; Middles; and Endings.

From the French onion soup to the pavlova everything is fresh and looks amazing, and it’s all pretty simple to cook.

Crustless quiche

Crustless quiche



The very first recipe is for  a spinach and gruyere crustless tart.  I am always looking for great recipes with fresh ingredient and less carbohydrates. This is it. It’s lovely and delicious.




At the other end of the book is the pristine Pavlova. Topped with fresh fruit it’s the perfect dessert for me here in sunny Florida. Light and airy, and utterly scrumptious, my mouth is already watering.



I’m working on putting together a recipe collection of our family specialities. I thought it would be easy. However, it’s proving to be more challenging than I had first imagined. This book is spurring me forward. I believe pictures are very important. Jane captures each of her recipes beautifully.

If you’re looking for a great cookbook to give as a gift this holiday season this is one of the ones to place at the top of your list. It’s available as of today. It’s published by New American Library which is a part of Penguin Random House. My gorgeous finished copy arrived from NAL in exchange for an honest review. I love it!

Summer Secrets

Jane Green


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