Victuals by Ronni Lundy

Ronni Lundy


VICTUALS by Ronni Lundy is a down-home cookbook; about as hearty and real as it gets.

Basics such as roots and seeds cover pages at the beginning. Traditions and mountain foodways thrive.  Even Michael Pollan has a favorite farm here, just eight miles down the road: Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm.

I find it quite interesting these days to see cookbooks with organic foods. When I was a kid food was food. It was all organic. Now, so much is genetically engineered. We must be careful. After all, we want out grandkids to grow up healthier than we have.

I found several recipes in VICTUALS that I have al flagged and ready to tackle. But the one that is calling my name out loud is the one for Kale Potato Cakes.


Kale Potato Cakes

Kale has become THE go-to veggie of the century. It’s a green leafy vegetable that is rock-bottom cheap to buy; is available in every market in every city, and is versatile as all heck.

This recipe has only five ingredients and is delicious! If your kids or husbands are fussy, this is a good way for you to sneak their vitamins in.

VITUALS is much more than just a cookbook. There is history and there are essays about interesting people. And great photos with yummy and basic recipes.

My finished cookbook came in exchange for an honest review.  I really enjoyed this one!


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