Ina Garten And Her Jeffrey

Ina Garten

Cooking For Jeffrey

I just read a delightful article in the October issue of Food Network Magazine. On page fifty you’ll find “Ina and Jeffrey: A LOVE STORY.”  The feature photo is of the two of them at their wedding in 1968.  Ina is laughing out loud and Jeffrey is smiling widely. They look amazingly happy. And, if all that’s said is true, they are that happy to this day!This is the kind of happy not seen often. And it made me happy just reading about it.

Over the years I’ve often wondered about Ina’s marriage to Jeffrey. Somehow, it all just seems so perfect. I pondered if he was the real deal. I pondered if he appreciated her. Well, it sure does seem that he does. In fact, it was him that fell for her first. Love at first sight.  And he slowly pursued her. They did the Europe thing from a campsite with Ina shopping the local markets and  cooking on a camp stove. They did not have money. Then.

Eventually Jeffrey convinced Ina to purchase the tiny Barefoot Contessa specialty food shop in Westhampton Beach, NY. Ina ran that business for twenty years before publishing THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA COOKBOOK.  Now the sky’s the limit.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new book. The title is COOKING FOR JEFFREY and it’s being published the end of October by Clarkson Potter Publishers. You are going to want to have it to add to your collection.


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