Giveaway! The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin

Ella Griffin

The Flower Arrangement

THE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT, by Ella Griffin, is a book I thought would be light and fluffy, something I could blow through quickly. Low and behold, I found myself taking my time and loving the chapters headed by a different flower with lots of heart.

These chapters are actual little stories that intermingle. The story takes place in and around a very special and delightful flower shop called Blossom & Grow. It sits in the center of downtown Dublin. Just look at this cover. Candles light the inside and give it almost an ethereal glow. Pails of aromatic flowers of all kinds are scattered throughout the cute little store. And the aroma….OMG! Griffin did such a bang-up job with the descriptions of the shop and flowers that I truly thought I could smell them. Really. And it made me want to run out and find a shop just like this. Of course that is silly because nothing of the sort exists here in my area.

Lara owns this fabulous shop.  And her life’s teetering on the brink.  She’s lost a baby, and her father, and much more.  She’s not even sure the shop will survive any longer. Thankfully, she is surrounded by plenty of caring people who try to help her in various ways. They are each caring people with problems of their own. I found myself crazy about all of them.

This is a very special book that you can curl up with on a rainy day. On any day. And brew yourself a cup of tea, or pour yourself a glass of wine.  It’s charming. And it made me laugh and cry. It also brought to life the healing qualities of flowers. And made me stop and smell them..all.


Ella Grffin

I have one fabulous copy of THE FLOWER ARRANGEMENT by Ella Griffin for giveaway. Please leave a comment below. And tell me your favorite flower. This is a very special book.  No P.O. boxes, as usual, and only U.S. addresses, please. Good luck! I shall choose one winner on Friday, Sept. 30.

Those generous publishing people at Berkley are to be thanked profusely for this giveaway! Thanks guys.


21 thoughts on “Giveaway! The Flower Arrangement by Ella Griffin

  1. It does sound charming! I always like it when a book surprises me in a good way. One of my favorite flowers are peonies! Love them in the spring! Thanks!

  2. This sounds like just the book I need right now….full of pretty images and kind characters.
    My favorite flower is astromeria…it is beautiful and lasts a very long time!

  3. This books sounds enchanting and the title and cover definitely draws me to it! I am a flower grower and would love to read. I have many favorite flowers for each blooming season but the beautiful blue blooms from the hydrangea plants brings me joy and makes my heart sing!!

  4. Any book that inspires me to make a cup of tea, sit back and relax, and sink into a good read is a book I need to read. A slow, steady rain and the scent of some Lilly of the Valley would round out that scenario!

  5. I love stargazer lilies, and often have them in my home! We all need a book like this from time to time. I’ll download it today! Thanks, Jean!

  6. Sounds like a good read, flowers make every day special! My favorite are red roses, each year my husband sends me a bouquet for our anniversary, one for each year!

  7. Oh, I can’t wait to read this book! Lily of the Valley is my favorite but impossible to ever find. Did they have some in that flower shop?? You make this book sound irresistible!

  8. This looks like a perfect book for the end of SEPTEMBER here in upstate NY since the only thing blooming here is the chrysanthemums. I’d love to read it.

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