Paris Times Three

I’m showcasing three fabulous books that take place in Paris. Two are luscious memoirs, one is a mystery.

Kristen Beddard

Bonjour Kale

Oui, oui, this delightful cover invites you to turn the pages and enjoy the story of one woman’s experience moving to Paris and marrying the love of her life. What’s kale got to do with it? Plenty. There was no kale in Paris…

Craig Carlson

Pancakes In Paris

More food; in Paris:)Craig opens an American Diner in Paris.  How unlikely, you might say.  After moving from U.S. with no prior restaurant experience, this is how Craig made a rollicking success of breakfast the American way. It takes passion.

Mark Pryor

The Paris Librarian

One of a series of mysteries set in Paris. Hugo Marsten is on the hunt to find out who killed his fried Paul Rogers who is found deader than a door nail in a locked room in the American Library in Paris. And he’s off and running once again, through the amazing streets of the City Of Light.


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