The Couple Next Door or Gone Baby Gone….

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door

Ever since THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN became an international thriller, readers have been on the hunt for the next “train” book. This just might be it for you…

THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, begins brilliantly with a start reminiscent of a shot out of a cannon. I was immediately hooked. I didn’t intend to be. I am not a fan of missing babies. Babies kidnapped. They may be killed. No fan of this type of thriller. However, having said this, I found this book utterly compelling right off the bat.

Anne and Marco Conti have been invited next door to a dinner party by their neighbors. They share a wall for heaven’s sake. They have consigned a sitter for their six-month-old baby girl, Cora. But, when the sitter cancels at the last second, they make a decision they will forever regret. They take the baby monitor along and leave the baby alone in the house. After all, they are only next door. The baby is sleeping. And they can hear anything that goes on through the very reliable monitor. Sure. You see what is going to happen, don’t you! After bouts of guilt and feelings of jealousy get the best of Anne she and her drunk husband toddle on home. You see, the woman next door has been shamelessly flirting with Marco, and Anne who is dealing with a bitter dose of postpartum depression has had enough of it! But more guilt awaits. And plenty of mystery as we delve deeply into the lives of all these  people and their families. Who is the guiltiest of them all?

My husband almost knocked me down to get his hands on this book after seeing the blurb written by Lee Child. Child says real men read women writers because of books like this. That’s huge…. Husband read the book in two sittings which is unheard of for him. He loved it! It was hard for him NOT to tell me all about it. It was killing him.


Shari Lapena

Although the novel begins with a bang, straight out of the box, and it kept me turning the pages at breakneck speed, the ending was a bit of a disappointment. I hate saying this but, it is so. However, I will say that I look forward to another thriller by Shari. What’s up next, girl?

My finished copy came from Viking in exchange for an honest review. I think you can say I really liked the book! Thanks guys.

One thought on “The Couple Next Door or Gone Baby Gone….

  1. I was approved for this one but it won’t allow me to add it to my Kindle. My new Kindle is a real B.

    Anyway, these types of books are huge this year. I am almost done with Behind Closed Doors and that one is just too much to handle! I can’t put it down and it’s so crazy and yet plausible.

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