Copperfish September Scheduling

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

As promised, my schedule for September.  I’m taking it easy this month:) And darn happy to be able to do it. We’re closing the store for an entire week so Serena and Cathy can attend SIBA in Savannah. What a great spot to have to visit. They’ll be bringing back a truckload of books for our early viewing pleasure. And, they’re going to get the chance to meet some other Indy booksellers. They will be on fire with great new ideas when they come home.

I’m working this Friday, September 9 until 2:45. Then I am off for five days. Back in on Thursday, September 15 from ten to 2:45. The 16th I will be in house all day.  Then off until Tuesday, September 27 where I will be in all day. That’s it for September. The calm before the storm folks. I want to thank Ray for stopping in to see me yesterday. She came from Fort Myers. I hope you had a great afternoon shopping and having lunch with your friend. Punta Gorda is such a great walking and shopping destination!

I’m beginning to put together my list of books for lectures this fall. It’s going to be a very exciting list. I still have room for a couple lectures, so if you would like to get on the roster for fall, shoot me out an email and we’ll see what we can do to set you up.

Serena and Cathy and I are working on a special event for winter.  It’s going to be HUGE!


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