Letters From Paris by Juliet Blackwell

Julet Blackwell

Letters From Paris

Aah, yet another novel set in Paris. You may say,” Another one!”   You know how much I love reading about Paris. So, yes, another.

LETTERS FROM PARIS is by Juliet Blackwell, the author of THE PARIS KEY.  She does Paris really well. She’s managed to put a mysterious mask, a new romance, and a trip to Paris to unearth it all into a big bag and pull it out of her hat.

Claire Broussard up and leaves behind in Chicago her boyfriend and her very lucrative job.  Why? To return to the seedy little town in Louisiana that she so quickly fled after the death of her mother. She’s returning to care for her grandmother who is not well. While caring for gram she discovers a broken but beautiful French mask dating back from the 1890’s, and finds it has a mysterious and secret past; buried in Paris. Grandmother sends Claire off to The City of Light to dig up all the dirt, so to speak.

Blackwell once again manages to bring us a story of intrigue laced with mystery and romance. A good one to help round up your summer reading.

My trade paper copy came from Berkley Publishing. Thanks so much guys!


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