Siracusa by Delia Ephron

Delia Ephron


Maybe this psychological thriller should be titled FALLING APART. Because they all truly are falling apart by the end of the story.

SIRACUSA, by Delia Ephron, is a sophisticated psychological novel filled with two marriages gone wrong, deceit, hate, and ending with a shock.


Delia Ephron

Finn and Taylor hale from Maine where Finn has a restaurant.  They have a precocious ten-year-old daughter named Snow. Michael and Lizzy are from NYC where Michael is a famous writer and Lizzy a journalist.  When they decide to travel to Italy together on vacation it seems like a great idea. What’s not to love about Rome and Sicily? But, oh the drama, and the lies…

The edgy and sophisticated writing sets the tone for the unraveling that begins, slowly…

The time spent in Rome was magical for me. It took me back to one of our trips; spending a week in Rome before hitting the Amalfi Coast. The scents, the street scenes, the Pantheon. It all came back to me so strongly. I almost felt as I were there, again. I loved this part of the story.

Just imagine two couples one with a child along, spending so much time together in a foreign country. You an almost picture trouble. But who knew that Snow would become so much of the actual trouble. The ten-year-old beauty was almost constantly a mommy’s girl. They looked uncannily alike. Her mother Taylor was clingy. And Snow subjected to an adult world too much. Something not so good was bound to occur.

The story is told in two time frames. And in two voices. The couples are both involved in bad marriages. And then there is an extra person in the mix. And she shows up in Siracusa while they are visiting. Mysterious, devious, and filled with hate.

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