Falling by Jane Green

Jane Green


FALLING, by Jane Green, is not just a love story; it’s a story about finding yourself. And about just what a family truly is these days.

Emma Montague is from Great Britain. Moved to NYC to follow a big time career in finance. Did the whole living large thing while working and living in Manhattan. The big apartment,  tossing one boyfriend over for another, and making scads of money in the meantime.  But it all got old. And so she left it all and moved to the scenic waterfront town of Westport, Connecticut where she has one friend.

Emma finds a fixer-upper near the beach and throws caution to the wind and rents it. She’s determined to put her stamp on the house even though she doesn’t own it. I love this about her. Her landlord is good with this. And he’s handy:) He’s also good-looking with a six -year-old son. Plus, did I say he’s a single dad? The boy’s mom ran off when he was a babe.

You can almost see the writing on the wall at this point. Girl meets boy, and so on. However, just when it all seems like a perfectly lovely story, well, then it isn’t. This is when Emma’s life takes a 180.  You can not see it coming.

I love what Emma does with the house. With all the hoopla over the shows on tv to redo fixer-uppers, this is going to appeal to a lot of you. I know I am hooked on these shows. I have gotten so many great ideas. Emma makes me want to move right into her special little nest.


Jane Green

My only problem with this book is the cover. It certainly does NOT do the story justice. But this is a really good story with good writing and is great for summer. Stuff it into your beach bag and go.

My finished hardcopy arrived from Berkley Publishing. Thank you so much! It’s a keeper.


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