She Poured Out Her Heart by Jean Thompson

Jean Thompson

She Poured Out Her Heart

SHE POURED OUT HER HEART by Jean Thompson definitely fits into the psychological thriller category. It’s also a haunting character study of friendship between two women.

Jane and Bonnie became friends one night when Jane was wandering through the park after losing her virginity at a college party.  The losing of the virginity was not a big deal for Jane. It was a one night stand. And she was ready…. Bonnie probably couldn’t even remember whey she lost hers. Bonnie, the wild child, and Jane the steady one. Friends forever. Maybe.

Jane does what is expected: she marries  a guy who’s in medical school. They go on to have two very normal kids. But Jane is not functioning normally. She can’t help wonder if this is the wrong life for her. Meanwhile, Bonnie has not settled down and is dating a bartender who is a real loser.

When Jane disappears from the Christmas party she’s supposed to be hosting at her own house, Jane’s hubby and Bonnie go looking for her. They find her lying buck naked in the snow in the backyard. Oh boy.  Things are never the same after this. Bonnie and Jane’s husband do become much more than friends.   However, this event should have really shoved this novel up into the stratosphere.  I kept imagining where it would go. But I have to say, Thompson dropped the ball. Totally. I was disappointed. I put a lot of time into reading this book. The writing is very good. The story was great, until it wasn’t.

Not so great for me, sorry to say. But I would read  Thompson again. In fact, she’s an NBA finalist. That speaks volumes.


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