Great Books Coming Soon!

Karen White

Flight Patterns

FLIGHT PATTERNS begins in Paris many years ago, then moves to U.S.. Riddled with secrets. Out now.

New England

Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty


SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF EASE AND PLENTY begins during a summer vacation at the island home of a seemingly well-to-do family.  But this story will change soon. Could we go from riches to rags? Available now.

Cathleen Schine

They May Not Mean To But The Do


THEY MAY NOT MEAN TO, BUT THEY DO is witty and fun. How families treat their older parents. Just available.

Matthew Carr

The Devils of Cordoba


THE DEVILS OF CORDOBA takes place in Spain. Is a religious, political,  and sexual puzzle.  Available now. Great for Father’s Day!

Karan Mahajan

The Association of Small Bombs


THE ASSOCIATION OF SMALL BOMBS will be one of the books Elaine Newton will lecture on next season. It’s timely, it’s powerful, and it’s full of insight. Available now.



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