What’s Our Candidate Wyatt Up To This Summer?


Wyatt in the White House

For those of you who have been asking what our Wyatt is up to this summer… He’s napping a lot and dreaming of what life will be like when he’s ensconced in the big White House:) He’s gotten pretty darn tired of hearing all the silly accusations being hurled around on the platforms. After all, we all know that humans pontificate and promise all kinds of things they can not and do not ever come through with. He’s working on his platform over the summer, making sure he only promises “stuff” he can truly stand behind.

Wyatt has been getting acquainted with his new home. Moving was quite traumatic for him and his family members.  But he loves his new home and resting atop the highest portions of the house. For instance, here is Wyatt atop the armoire in our master bedroom. You can hear the “thump” when he lands on the top from anywhere in this big house.

on top

Wyatt’s Armoire

Wyatt is getting to  know the birds of Cape Coral. Every morning he can be found in the front window watching for the first bird sighting of the day. It is all about being first. Mimi is right there next to him. They are the first responders. This is what it takes to make a great candidate! And Wyatt and Mimi are making sure the great birds of the Cape have a good meal every day. Mimi reminds me to fill the bird feeder, and watches as I follow her directions:)

I will be posting more about Wyatt and Mimi throughout the summer. It’s called comic relief. Lord knows, we can use it.


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