Coming Soon!

Anton Disclafani

The After Party

Coming out Tuesday, May 17. THE AFTER PARTY by Anton Disclafani, is a sophomore effort from the author of THE YONAHLOSSEE RIDING CAMP FOR GIRLS. This one is set in Texas, 1950’s.

Betsy Lerner

The Bridge Ladies

THE BRIDGE LADIES by Betsy Lerner, is  a coming of age memoir written through the alchemy of a great game.  A starred review book.

Eleanor Brown

The Light of Paris


I’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently for THE LIGHT OF PARIS by Eleanor Brown.  She’s the best-selling author of THE WEIRD SISTERS. Yes, her.  Aaah, a Parisian summer. Count me in. Coming July 12.

Lionel Shriver

The Mandibles

Set in the future, America is in a debt crisis. The future; sounds like near future to me. I love Lionel Shriver.  Will I love this one? Coming in June


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