Wedding Girl by Stacey Ballis

Stacey Ballis

Wedding Girl

WEDDING GIRL, by Stacey Ballis, is much more than a piece of fluff. I took one look at this cover and didn’t know whether to try to eat it or, toss it aside as too light to bother with. However, it is so much more than that. I fell in love with Sophie Bernstein and her grandmother Bubbles right from the get-go. Not to be left out, Bubbles has a sweater-wearing pug that won over my heart.

Sophie is about to marry the man of her dreams. He is the wine sommelier at the restaurant where she is the master pastry chef. Sophie has gone all out in preparation for the big event. She’s managed to spend $50,000 for her dream wedding. But, it’s worth it, she tells herself. It’s going to be the foodie event of the decade! The pages describing this wedding go on and on. I would like to say it is way overkill, but it’s not. It works. I really enjoyed hearing about the food and set-ups. Fun and delicious. But, alas, it’s not to be. At the very last minute, and I mean the very last, Sophie gets word that her dream guy has eloped with a skinny someone -ELSE. We are talking an hour before the march down the aisle.

Sophie slinks over to Bubble’s house with her tail between her legs and hides out. She ends up loosing her job and her house. And now she just needs a safe place to lick her wounds and heal.  When she begins helping out at the old, established bakery on the block, she begins to get her self confidence back. But when they find out a new TV celebrity baker is opening a shop nearby, everyone knows they need to step it up more than just a notch.

This novel is not heavy. But it does say a lot about our resilience. Sophie goes through a lot.  She looses a lot. But what she gains is what the story is really about.  There’s romance,  food, more food, great recipes, and a sweet but simple dog. The perfect read for just getting away from it all.

My review copy came from PenguinRandomHouse. Thanks so much, guys. I really enjoyed!


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