What The Candidate Is Doing Today

On Armoire

Wyatt being presidential

So this is what our Wyatt is up to today. It’s a far cry from the skulking, hiding, and running under the bed he’s been doing for three days while we were moving.  His running mate, Miss Mimi, on the  other hand, has been out front checking the new house out and enjoying the new cat tree in Jack’s office.

“The President”, as we affectionately call Wyatt, has had a time of it.  He is not a fan of riding in a car. So I allowed he and his sister to ride together in a large carrier. Getting them into the carrier was a show only a cat owner can appreciate. I would have made a YouTube video if I could have. We just wanted to get them in the carrier and lock it. There was much strong pushing of legs and arms, scratching of their dad, and just downright horror. I am still not quite sure who was stressed the most; cats or us.  The entire drive to Cape Coral from Bonita took almost an hour. Middle of the day traffic. I expected meows and more meows. People. I am here to tell you there was not even one tiny cry. Nada. That more than anything else told me that they were completely traumatized.

Upon arrival at the new house we quickly opened the crates so they could come out. Right. No one would move. Even after a couple of hours no one was coming out. I had to tilt the crates upside down and unhinge them from the thing.

Now the kitties are roaming around and familiarizing themselves with all the new smells and stuff.  They are going to love this house. We sure do.

I’ve been very busy getting the front part of the house livable. Now I can concentrate on my office. Working on a giveaway for later today or tomorrow. And trying to catch up on some reading…


4 thoughts on “What The Candidate Is Doing Today

  1. Goodness, that puts you on the “ocean side”. You will be missed in Bonita Springs I am sure and at the bookstore. Will you be working at a bookstore in Cape Coral? Will you still review for the Naples News? I read your e-mails from Flossmoor, IL and love staying in touch. Use your reviews to suggest many titles for Book Club. You keep me grounded with Naples area thinking of you. Don’t know where you find time to read and review, but you do a super job. Keep up the good work!
    Happy new home–poor kitties, poor parents!! Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    I am still working at the BN in Estero. It’s really not a bad drive. There are others who I work with who travel from Cape Coral as well:) I still write for the paper, but only when something is extraordinary. Thanks so much.

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