Titans by Leila Meacham

Leila Meacham


TITANS, by Leila Meacham, is the best novel she’s written since her bestselling  ROSES many years ago.  It’s perfect for summer. And, if  you were a big GONE WITH THE WIND fan like me, this is just what you might be looking for.

TITANS takes place in the early 1920’s in Texas.  There are several strong women here. And plenty of romance and lies to go around for everyone.

Samantha Gordon and Nathan Holloway were born fraternal twins, but torn apart at birth because their narcissistic mother could not abide one of them let alone two. You see,  mother (Millicent) was not married when she fell pregnant with the twins. But she was married to another when they were born. At birth, she told her husband to get “rid” of one of them. She would have drowned them if she could have. This is the beginning of the novel. Sure got my attention.

This epic saga has a bit of everything.  Beginning just before the oil boom in Texas. ranchers were just putting their feelers out… Meacham does a good job of showing us how it really was. The telephone was just hitting homes. Many people, even those with money, still did not use them. And horses were still used for transportation.  Cars would soon appear.  It was a slower way of life.

I love the picture of the house on the cover of TITANS. It depicts  the way of life.  And shows the vast capability of the story.

The story is a real page-turner as we keep wanting to know more about Nathan and Samantha. How a mother can throw her child away is beyond me.  Is there a bad guy in this story? Who is the father of the twins? And can you see where the story is going?

This is a good one for summer. I love a big, juicy saga filled with romance and mystery.  This is no ROSES, but it has enough going for it to keep you guessing and keep you reading far into the night.


One thought on “Titans by Leila Meacham

  1. Can’t wait to read this saga. It sounds like my kind of novel. Starting at age 16 I’ve read Gone With the Wind at least five times and need something to supplement my love of the South.

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