A Lowcountry Wedding by Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe

A Lowcountry Wedding

Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe

I feel like I’ve struck the jackpot this spring. Mary Alice Monroe has decided to add one more book to her Lowcountry Summer series. And, folks, I’m here to tell you it is the BEST of the four!!

I blew through my review copy of A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING like I was on fire. All my favorite characters are back. I’m on Sullivan’s Island off the gorgeous coast of South Carolina. And there’s about to be two weddings. What’s not to love!

Mary Alice Monroe writes about nature. She immerses herself totally into each aspect.  In The Lowcountry series she’s introduced us to the plight of the dolphins. And in a way that we can understand and learn. I fell deeply in love with Delphine the dolphin in the first book of the series, THE SUMMER GIRLS.  Monroe did a bang-up job introducing a wild dolphin into the lives of three young women spending the summer with their grandmother, Mamaw.

What better time for this new book to arrive on the scene than now! Summer is upon us.  What I love most about summer is finding a fabulous summer novel. Here it is. Mary Alice delves into relationships, families, marriage, and even tosses some new stuff into the mix.

Speaking of marriage, we get two weddings in A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING.  There is nothing more romantic to me than a beach ceremony. My son married his wife on Barefoot Beach at sunset on a fine April evening. We had planned just the right timing for months, to make sure the sun was at its perfect setting. It will forever reign in our hearts and minds. So, when a beach wedding is planned in this novel, I was right on board.

Not to be outdone, another romantic wedding is planned: at an old plantation surrounded with oak trees hanging with moss. One of these venues is perfect for each bride. However, what if the bride truly would rather have the opposite wedding? Oh, boy.

Someone very special emerges from a secret relationship that not one of the Muir family had an inkling.  A huge surprise. This person brings an entirely new perspective to the table. And I love it!!

This series is THE summer read!! And this latest one puts the icing on the cake:)


2 thoughts on “A Lowcountry Wedding by Mary Alice Monroe

  1. I can’t wait to read A Low Country Wedding! I read The Beach House just before hearing Mary Alice speak at an author’s luncheon at the Naples Yacht Club in March. Her talk inspired me to read the Summer Girls trilogy. I’m just finishing TheSummer’s End and will save the 4th book for Hilton Head in July! I, too, loved Delphine!

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