Sisi by Allison Pataki

Allison Pataki


I couldn’t keep my eyes from this delicious-looking cover.  Finally, I gave up and borrowed it from work.  One of the perks of working at BN is the ability to sign out hard cover books. I took advantage of it here.

I didn’t realize that there is another book preceding SISI. But I read it first anyhow. I dove into the life of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria/Hungary like a person dying of thirst:) It has not disappointed.

Allison Pataki has done her homework. I have no idea how many hours she spent on researching the lives of the Empress and her husband Franz Joseph, and their family.  Pataki leads off the novel with a historical overview which will be both a joy and a real aid to digging into this story. Empress Elisabeth is known to her people simply as Sisi.  And this is how it begins.


Coronation Day Empress Elisabeth

Sisi married Franz Joseph at the very tender age of fifteen. Ouch! She managed to bring a crown prince into the world, and three other girl children. Did they all survive? You will discover this.  Known as the “Fairy Queen”  Sisi’s life is filled with pomp and circumstance, as well as loneliness and tragedy. She’s become a wanderer always conjuring the next getaway. A lover of horses and an avid rider, her travels often find her in another realm each season for the “hunt.” The hunt is not always about just horses. Sisi is famous for her affairs of the heart. Franz Joseph very famously takes lovers at the drop of a hat, not because he is not in love with his gorgeous young bride, but because he can…

Look at all that hair.

Look at all that hair.

With passion and beauty Pataki manages to show the Golden Age in Vienna as a spectacular time in the world ; sparkling, dazzling, and shining brighter than the stars in the sky. You’ll find yourself transported back in time, to a richer and more intense time, one of fascination and tragedy.

SISI is a statuesque  romance of monumental proportions. Those of you who love historical fiction, here’s your next read. Keep in mind that there is a “first” novel: THE ACCIDENTAL EMPRESS. It’s on sale in the bargain section at BN. Check it out.



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