Welcoming Lucas!

Lucas Carlos Lewis

Mom Mom and Lucas.

Yesterday was a stellar day for our family. Our seventh grandchild was born. His name is Lucas, and he is a miracle. Lucas is my youngest son’s first boy. They have twin girls who are about to turn twelve in a week. And Alana was born three years ago.

Lucas Carlos Lewis


We met Lucas at the  wonderful Birthing Suites at Cape Coral hospital. What an amazing concept to have suites for the families to spend private time with their new addition. The nurses were awesome. When it was time for Lucas to have his first bath, our nurse brought his sisters into the mix. We watched as Alana was seated on the counter right up front. She was able to see the entire bathing process and felt totally involved. So smart.

His first outfit was a basketball onesie. After three girls it was fun to shop for boy’s clothing. And he’s a big boy; fits in the outfit. It will probably last for three weeks:)

He’s so precious. We plan on spending as much time with him as we can while he is so tiny. They do grow like weeds. He will look amazingly different by this time next week.

So happy to be part of his special day. And want to give a big shout out to his very special mommy! We love you Ana.





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