Happy Easter!


Our Easter Emerson


Seven Easters ago Emerson’s daddy gently lifted her into an Easter basket as she lay slumbering away. Then he artfully arranged brightly colored Easter eggs by her side. This is the result. It will always be in the forefront of my Easter memories. Such a precious gift that had recently arrived to add to our blessed list of grandchildren.

This will be the first Easter I can remember when we are not mostly together. Usually, there can be splashing in the pool, hooting and hollering, yummy aromas already erupting from the kitchen which is filled to capacity with everyone making their favorite dish of the season. It’s usually a buffet for Easter so everyone can come and go to the lanai and the pool and graze on holiday food all day long. There just might be a special cocktail for the special day.  There has always been a special cake. We’ve been making an Easter Bunny Cake in our family since  the kids were little.

I was greeted this morning by the actual Easter Bunny as I went out to get the paper from the driveway. There she was in her glory eating from the critter feeder we provide for the colorful birds, darting squirrels, and hopping rabbits. She was not afraid. She seemed to know it was her sacred day. She most likely has a nest filled with little bunnies somewhere on our property. One year, at Easter, after an especially hard rain, we woke to a new family of baby bunnies who’d been flushed from their underground nest. There they were hunched above a hole in the ground, scared and lonely.  But so sweet and cute.

My husband is working today. For the first time in our memory the Red Sox have a Spring Training game today. His company is responsible for keeping the stadium neat and tidy.  None of the kids will be in the area. I’ve decided to chill out and read today. Will be giving thanks for good health and happy family. Surrounded by the kitties and books I love, I am at peace and happy as a clam!


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