Tasting Rome by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill


Tasting Rome

I am very excited about TASTING ROME. This is not a traditional Italian cookbook. No-siree.  It’s got so much more kick to it.

With a foreward by none other than Mario Batali, you will quickly see just how unique TASTING ROME is.  Batali sets the tone by explaining how individual villages and area reproduce their own variations of Italian dishes. This pinpoints specific towns and cities, and ways of life.

My husband and I have visited Rome and enjoyed wandering the cobblestoned streets and alleyways. Always so special to come upon a “find.” By that I really mean our own little slice of paradise which always has something to do with great food.  So it is with great happiness I present this book!

Different neighborhoods of Rome are highlighted with distinctive recipes to define them. The recipes themselves are divided by theme.

I especially love the stuffed tomatoes.

stuffed tomatoes with rice

pomodori con riso

Oven baked with diced potatoes, these are a summer staple in Rome. Not only are they ubiquitous in home kitchens, they show up on restaurant menus all summer long. The recipe is easy to follow and there are few ingredients. This is a great recipe to try first from this great book.


squash blossoms

I’m not going to lie to you about preparing squash blossoms; not easy. But just wanted to show you a picture because they are so lovely. We have found these delicate flowers for sale in our area, but we were not very successful in cooking them.  You may have better luck.

Italian dessert


Last but not least is a dessert for the Gods! This zabaione drenched in coffee is spiked with a shot of caffeine. All I can say is YUM!!!

TASTING ROME is written and illustrated by two professionals who choose to live and work in Rome full-time. Katie Parla has been in Rome since 2003 after she graduated from Yale. She has a masters degree in Italian gastronome. She is an expert on all things Roman: food and wine.

Kristina Gill is the food and drinks editor of designsponge.com. She’s been taking amazing photographs in Rome since 1999.

I’m just thrilled they found each other and collaborated on this luscious book full of fresh flavors and forgotten recipes from an ancient city!

I received my beautiful finished hard copy from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!!


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