Good Morning Florida!!


Wyatt For President

Your candidate, Wyatt, is running on the Humane Ticket in Florida. Please go out and vote for him today!

Wyatt is beginning his big day with a very optimistic attitude as seen in the photo below:) This is how he looks at life. He sees  a smile in every moment.

Wyatt still wonders at the silliness of some of the candidates platforms.




Just a reminder: a vote for Wyatt and Mimi is a vote for a can of tuna in every dish; a safe home for every cat;  a puurfectly healthy environment for cat’s to live in, and affordability for healthcare and food! They’re both lovers  not fighters!

Sleepy Mimi

Sleepy Mimi

Mimi’s been working so hard campaigning that she can’t keep both eyes open this morning. She is asking for your paw. She’s out there leaping and bounding and promising not to forget you AFTER the election.



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