And Then All Hell Broke Loose by Richard Engel

Richard Engel

And Then All Hell Broke Loose

I’ve been waiting for years for Richard Engel to write this book. I devoured it while sharing passages with my husband, sometime to the point where he would say to me,” Stop, I wish to read it myself:)”

Richard Engel has spent the last twenty years of his life living and covering the Middle East. He’s now the Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News. He’s risked life and limb over and over again and, would certainly do it all over again.

Richard relocated to Cairo at the age of 23. He arrived with only $2000 and a suitcase; jobless at the time. He quickly became a part of the region and worked his way into the forefront of journalistic observation and writing for this area. From there he moved into the even more dangerous and challenging regions of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, and Afghanistan,  all the while completely immersing himself in the culture and language and politics of each land.

Chief Foreign Correspondent

Richard Engel

The key to Richard’s intense and personal coverage of the Middle East can be found through his actual experiences of living among the people in each area.  He is respected  throughout the world. Is known for his fairness and ability to blend.  Speaks multiple languages fluently. He says in the video I have added that the Middle East has been his home.

Over the years I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed watching Richard Engel on the news. He tells it like it is. He lives there. He does not just fly off to report from these tortured countries.  I have learned more from him about the history of the Middle East than I ever did from my stuff old history books in school. I think you might as well.

AND THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE, could just be the most interesting way you can learn why the Middle East is the way it is, and why some things will never change.

I am very happy to report that Richard Engel is happily married and a father of a baby boy.  He certainly deserves some normalcy.

I loved this book! I bought my copy. I thank God for Richard Engel.


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