Cometh The Hour by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer

Cometh The Hour

This is what we’ve been waiting for: number six of seven in the Clifton Chronicles.  Archer started this series saying it would be five. Then, suddenly, he moved it to seven. I do hope that seven will be the magic number.

As always he ends the book with a stiff cliff-hanger!!! Why would this one be any different? Nope.

I have become accustomed to these characters. I will admit that I had a longer time getting back into the story with this book. So much to remember. But my favorite characters are back, and that makes me so happy. After reading so much literary stuff all winter, and now working on even more literary stuff for spring, I was ready for a lighter, but really well-written novel. This is it. I can always rely on Archer.

I found this particular novel especially timely with all the chatter about elections and such. God knows we are in the midst of mayhem in this country.  Looks like England has their share of chaos with elections as well.  Brings the realm of Margaret Thatcher front and center.

There are the  usual traitors and bad guys. And Lady Virginia Fenwick is up to her old tricks again. She is always fun to watch.  Just wait until you see where she takes it this time.  I had not thought even she could be this suffering.

Some poor men just do not know how to choose women. That hasn’t changed.

And Harry is still writing his best-selling series.  And just see where he takes UNCLE JOE.

This book moves around. Russia, Rome, London, America. Oh my.

You are are in for a treat!


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