Wyatt Announces His Running Mate

our orange tabby

Wyatt For President!!

morning sun

Marvelous Miss Mimi

The candidate is fast asleep after having spent the past week campaigning diligently. He’s decided to jump the gun and has selected his running mate: Fabulous Miss Mimi, his gorgeous flame point Siamese cousin.

Miss Mimi is a young, active cat who will not take no for an answer. She’s the purrrfect running mate for our Wyatt. She’s loyal, tenacious, steadfast, and plays nicely with others:) Both Wyatt and Mimi are tired of this season’s dog and pony show. It’s time for the kitties.  They are funding their own campaign. They are not billionaires, they’re not politicians and ,they most certainly are NOT loud mouths, choosing to quietly stand their ground and offer aid to other animals.

Stay tuned to keep track of them on the campaign trail!

Wyatt beginning his day.

Wyatt & Mimi beginning their day.

Wyatt sleeping


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