Review Love In Lower Case by Francesc Miralles

Barcelona love story

love in lower case

If you’re looking for a book with a happy ending, love in lower case is just what the book doctor’s ordered. What a  sweet story from  an author who’s already made a name for himself in Spain and throughout Europe.

“The story begins on New Year’s Eve with Samuel deJuan, a lonely, middle-aged linguistics teacher in Barcelona going to bed feeling that his life is half over, and that the coming years show little promise for significant change.  To his surprise, and to readers’ delight, he soon discovers that small, sometimes unnoticed and often underappreciated  events are what make up a satisfying life–thanks to a cat, whose arrival forces him from his doldrums. “

The setting quickly got my attention. And, of course, the cat. Everyone knows how much I love cats. And books. Plus, I love hearing about people finding their first love all over again:)

Samuel names his brand new kitty friend Mishima, and this is where the love begins. When Mishima scratches at his door on New Year’s morning, little does he know that his life is about to change, and for the better. Slowly, with baby steps, Samuel is drawn out of his small world.  His caring relationship with Mishima moves him into a more caring arena.

love in lower case


Samuel is on a mission to get his first love back. He hasn’t seen her since they were mere children. Really. But one day he sees her on the street of Barcelona. Even though she is a grown woman now,  there is no doubt of who she is.  He begins following her.  Does she remember him? After all, it’s been a long time.

Barcelona is a dynamic, bustling city. We visited several years ago and were lucky enough to settle into an apartment on La Rambla for several days in late spring.  La Rambla is Bacelona’s most famous street. It has just about everything including live animals for sale along the way.  What I did not know is that Barcelona is full of book lovers. This is fabulous!There is even a holiday named St. Jordi’s Day, that’s celebrated in Catalan each year. It comes on April 23. I love this. According to the tradition, a man gives a rose to a woman, and she in turn gives him a book. What a wonderful idea! They say that throngs of people crowd La Rambla on this day, searching for just the right title for that special someone.  The street is filled with books and authors. Holy Cow!

After all, it really is the little things that make up our world.  Love is all around us. We just need to open our eyes and look.

My review copy of LOVE IN LOWER CASE came from Penguin Books. Thanks, guys. I wish you love:)

2 thoughts on “Review Love In Lower Case by Francesc Miralles

  1. Sounds like a relaxing and optimistic read. I’ll put it on my list. By the way, April 23rd is celebrated in Québec also as International Book Day (not sure of the exact term). Many libraries give out roses to the first 100 or so patrons. And there are lots of readings and book signings.

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