Giveaway! White Walls

Judy Batalion

White Walls

WHITE WALLS by Judy Batalion, has a pristine cover that speaks volumes about this memoir. Judy grew up in a house with a hoarder: her own mother. She tells of rooms filled with piles of trash that only managed to grow higher by the hour.  You may think you’ve heard this story before; but you haven’t.

When Judy became old enough to escape her old life, she ran screaming. Created a home filled with white walls, order, and all freshness. Never to go back. But when Judy became a mother herself, her perspective sharpened.  Once her own daughter appeared, life as she knew it, was over. Everything changed.

Judy’s mother and grandmother arrived in this country as Jewish Polish immigrants. They fled their homes and escaped the Holocaust.  That in and of itself is reason enough for eccentricities.

The trials of mothers and daughters is brought so honestly to the page in this very frank and funny memoir. It’s smart, heartwarming, and definitely filled with wit.  It takes you from Manhattan to Montreal to London.

Judy manages to tackle difficult subjects in a wise way that makes this one of the best memoirs in recent history. It shows how we are not perfect, nor do we need to be.

I have one copy of WHITE WALLS for giveaway. Please leave a comment below to be entered to win. I will choose my winner on Friday, Dec. 18.  No P.O. boxes, please. And only U,S. addresses. I have recently had some confusion with address. So please send an address that is recognized by UPS. No island, etc. Must be on mainland. Thanks, and good luck.  PenguinRandomHouse is the very generous publisher who is providing your lovely book. Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Giveaway! White Walls

  1. This book is an example of the damages done ,unwittingly to people by their suffering ancestors. This cruelty inflicted on innocent victims never stops! I want to believe that people are basically good..maybe this book is what I need!

  2. Wonderful book which interests me greatly, for the background and being Jewish as well as living in Montreal. What an unforgettable memoir.

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