Wonderful Books For Ages 3-9

Okay, grandparents, you know who you are! It’s really hard to choose the right book for a child.  Grandparents really try hard. We receive lists with titles on them. These are sometimes lists that have been shared with many others. So, it’s really a challenge to choose great books for the little ones in your lives. I have chosen just a few that are sure winners.

ages 3-8

Red A Crayon’s Story

Red A Crayon’s Story, is about a blue crayon who suffers an identity crises when he is mistakenly labeled as “red”.  Ages 4-8

 true story

Ketzel The Cat Who Composed






KETZEL is based on a true story.  This stray kitten was found on the streets of NYC and named Ketzel which is the Jewish for cat. Ages 4-9

Dev Petty

I Don’t Want To Be A Frog

I DON’T WANT TO BE A FROG is a story about a young frog letting his father know he would rather be anything BUT a frog; perhaps a cat or a rabbit. Maybe a pig or an owl. On and on. Delightful.  Ages 3-7






ROBO-SAUCE is for all those kids out there who are into robots this year; and there are gads of them. I know a few myself.  Ages 4-8

science and mystery

Where Does Kitty Go In The Rain




WHERE DOES KITTY GO IN THE RAIN is both a mystery and an answer to a scientific question.  Ages 4-8


The Princess and the Pony

The Princess and the Pony

THE PRINCESS AND THE PONY: a story about strong girls and the acceptance of differences. Smartly done.  Ages 4-8


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