The Voice and Jordan Smith

The Voice

Jordan Smith

It’s not my  usual deal to post about anything I see on TV. However, I am making an exception for Jordan Smith and this season of The Voice.

We’ve been watching The Voice for nine seasons. Hard to believe it’s been on the air that long! I think it’s an amazing show.  For those of you who have never seen it, the judges have their chairs turned away from the stage and are not able to actually see the contestants as they each perform at the onset of the season.  They choose singers strictly by how they sound. I love that. After all, it’s called The VOICE.  Over the years we’ve watched many extremely talented people get eliminated because at the end of the season its us, the audience at home, who will ultimately choose the one winner. It’s tough.

For those of you who have seen and heard Jordan Smith perform, you already know what I know: HE’S AMAZING! And that does even begin to say it. Last night he surpassed Adele on itunes to become number 1! We watched last night’s performance while alternately laughing our heads off and smiling and hooting and hollering. I am not kidding. Jordan Sang Queen’s Someone To Love! He KILLED IT.  We saved it and watched it twice more. This young man is brilliant, and has ( as Pharrell Williams said) a voice signed by God. Adam Levine is Jordan’s coach.  He is fun to watch and is going to be the next super star. Amen! And he’s a really nice guy:)


2 thoughts on “The Voice and Jordan Smith

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I’ve listened to it twice in a row and shared it on my facebook page. Truly an amazing talent!

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