Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas

Nicole Trilivas

Girls Who Travel

Did you love Bridget Jones? If so, you are going to love GIRLS WHO TRAVEL, by Nicole Trilivas!

Beginning in New York City, then quickly moving to London, this first novel by Trilivas, entertains and gets your travel juices running.

I was very happy to get the heck out of NYC. I love NY, but Kika, the main character, was having an awful go of it with her equally awful job. I could hardly stand it. Then, off she flew to take on a new job as nanny to two children and a very well-to-do family.

This fun novel truly does not begin until the moment Kika  finds herself on the doorstep of her new home. Well, she believes it’s the right house.  After all, the driver did let her out here.  It’s very early in the  morning. And there’s a drunken man asleep on the stoop.

Kika’s adventures are not the same as Bridget Jones. But the writing is quite a bit like it.  The colorful language and wit are wonderful.  I could not help but care for Kika as she felt her way around London and came upon the upper crust of London society.

The amount of riches is mind-blowing. These people who have hired Kika to be the nanny to their children are richer than rich. And when they jet off to the south of Italy for holiday, I whooped with delight. Positano. OMG! I do love the place. Trilivas has definitely spent some time there. She flavored the vacation aspect of the story delightfully and spot-on.  Took me right back to that amazing paradise.



Of course Kika has a love life. But who is she going to end up with? You see, Kika fell madly in love with an Irishman while traipsing around the world a year ago.  She has not seen him in some time. But still feels her heart go pit-a-pat at the sound of his voice. But now that’s she’s settled in London she’s met someone new.  But how suitable would the match be?

Kika is sassy, full of spunk. The girls in her charge are too.  The girls are new to their school in London. They also have come from America.  There is bullying in London as well as anywhere else. Kika is the perfect person to take things into her own hands and still those mean girls.  But mom must never know.

Kika’s lifelong dream has always been to travel. So she’s planning for her next big adventure even as she is experiencing this one. But what happens when the man of her dreams is not a traveler?

Once I got past the first chapter of this novel I found myself flying through the pages. It’s perfect for now, during the holidays, when you might not want something terribly deep. I really liked it.

My review copy arrived compliments of Berkley Publishing Group; a division of Penguin Random House. Thanks so much.


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