White Collar Girl by Renée Rosen

Renée Rosen

White Collar Girl

Just look at this pristine photo. The quintessential fifties beauty. WHITE COLLAR GIRL takes place in the 50’s. I would say it’s got a Mad Menesque quality. Yes, I know that is not a word spell check recognized. And I don’t  care. It does describe this book.

Jordan  Walsh thought it would be a cinch getting a job in the newsroom at the Chicago Tribune since both her father and brother had been newsmen. Think again, sister. This is the 50’s and women don’t just hired at newspapers without a lot of trials and tribulations. And, even then, they start in menial little jobs that pay little and work you to death doing trivial stuff.

But Jordan does manage to shove her little toe inside the Chicago Tribune. Just enough to cover the society pages. But, that is not what she has in mind. Jordan desires BIG news. Certainly bigger stuff than who’s who.  Writing about Marilyn Monroe powdering her nose is not news to her.  Who cares?

When Jordan comes across a source who must remain a secret she uncovers a pot of worms crawling around in Mayor Daley’s office. When she offers it up in the newsroom, the guys steal her byline, reaffirming her distrust of them all.

If you’re nostalgic for more Mad Men, and want a take-you-back kind of story, this is it.  Jordan is certainly a strong woman. And she sticks in there with the best of the guys. How fun to watch her go.

My review copy has been provided by New American Library in exchange for an honest review.


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