About Women: Conversations Between A Writer and a Painter by Lisa Alther and Franciose Gilot

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About Women

Publisher’s Weekly says: “American novelist Alther and French artist Gilot converse on an array of topics including their vocations, cultural differences, fashion, and family histories…In this tribute to the length and quality of their friendship, the authors adeptly draw one another out, challenge each other, and build on each other’s ideas. The conversation is consistently funny, interesting, and thoughtful. “

Many of you may already recognize the name of Franciose Gilot.  At age 93 she has had a colorful life to say the least.  She was the lover and artistic muse to Pablo Picasso from 1944-1953. She’s also the mother to his children: Claude and Paloma.

Pablo PIcasso


But you may not be familiar with Lisa Alther. She’s written many novels, but her most recent writing contribution is BLOOD FEUD: THE HATFIELDS AND THE MCCOYS, THE EPIC STORY OF MURDER AND VENGEANCE.  What an unlikely friendship, you might think. I certainly did. Whereas Gilot was born in France and grew up in Nazi occupied Paris, Alther was born in Tennessee and spent time in New England.

Lisa Alther

Lisa Alther

In their talks Gilot and Alther explore the ways in which their backgrounds shaped their sometimes conflicting attitudes towards fate, love, sex, money, accessories, and many other issues. While questioning the other, each became more aware of her own cultural biases and the forces that had spawned them.”

An interesting expose that shows how much women have in common no matter their background.

My review copy came Random House/Doubleday  in exchange for an honest review.


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