Giveaway: Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams

Beatriz Williams

Along the Infinite Sea

Just look at this gorgeous cover! I call this an OMG cover! But how is the actual story? I loved the story. It’s the third and final in a trilogy. However, I want to make this crystal clear; you do not have to read the first two. I did not, yet. The first two books are about two other sisters. And these sisters have almost nothing to do with this novel.

This wonderful story races back and forth between Europe in the 1930’s and America in the 1960’s. Annabelle is your European protagonist. Pepper is your girl in Florida during the 60’s. What do these two have in common? Why, it’s all about a car. Not just any car, you see. This is a vintage Mercedes that was used as an escape car.  Annabelle and her family race like all the demons of hell are after them as they flee the Nazis.  But how would Pepper have anything to do with this car? She found it in the garage of her sister’s house in New England. And decided to restore it and sell it at auction to support herself and her about-to-be born baby who has been fathered by a very well-know and very married politician.  And, Annabelle bought it for $300,000. Yes, people, you see it right: that much money.

So the chapters flip back and forth in not only time, but in voice. I love that. However, I will say that I found myself flipping forward to Annabelle’s voice in Europe, often. Of course I went back and read Pepper’s part later:) I loved the scenes in Paris, on the Mediterranean, and in Germany. I found them stunning and I could not turn those pages quick enough.


Beatriz Williams

Annabelle finds herself in love with someone taboo. Very much so. Stephan is amazingly attractive and virile. They both find themselves way in over their heads. And then he disappears.  She is not yet twenty. And she was a virgin when she met him.  They only had a few short days together, but it might as well  have been a lifetime.

I don’t want to give away too much. But I will say another man comes into the picture. And it becomes an amazing story. What a love story. You don’t find stories like this very often. Two men; one Nazi, one German Jew. But it isn’t the story you might think.

Pepper’s story is pretty up front. We know she’s in “trouble” from the beginning. What we don’t know is who the father is.  And what we really want to know is what was going on over in Germany and France!!

I think you will love this novel. There are so many secrets that it might even make your head spin. I love secrets and I love WW11. I do know that people get tired of the war. But, there are several amazing stories about the war this season.

The very nice people at Putnam publishing sent me my absolutely stunning finished novel in exchange for an honest review. I’m happy to say I love it. Thanks guys!

I have one copy of ALONG THE INFINITE SEA by Beatriz Williams for giveaway. Someone is in for a real treat! Please leave a comment below.  Only U.S. addresses, please. And no P.O. addresses. I will choose my winner on  Wednesday, November 4th. Good luck.



6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams

  1. This novel sounds captivating and unforgettable set during my favorite era and is meaningful. Thanks for your great feature and giveaway.

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