The Harvest Killings by A.K. Goode


The Harvest Killings

THE HARVEST KILLINGS, by A.K. Goode, takes us to Africa and into the middle of a complicated mystery surrounded by a more complicated cover-up. For those of you who are mystery hounds, this is right up your alley.  It is quick-paced and darn hard to figure out.

Dan Becker is is sitting in a plastic chair in the Nassau airport, anticipating a much-needed vacation. He’s got his fishing rod and a big smile; all he needs to relax and let the worries of his world pass him by. That is until a small man dressed in a blue uniform confronts him with a note.  After making sure Becker was the man he was seeking he tells him he has a phone call at the counter. Great. It’s his partner, Piper, annoyed that his cell  phone had been turned off. And then,  of course it’s bad news;  his mentor Leonard James has been murdered .  His mind immediately fled back to the summers he’d worked on the Uganda coffee farm with Henry, Leonard’s nephew.  Why would anyone want to kill a kind old guy like Leonard. So, knowing he was needed, off he flew to Uganda get to the bottom of it all.

Even though there are some things I would have liked to have heard more of, this first novel is tightly plotted and does become a page-turner.

So, who is Dan Becker? He’s an American Intelligence Officer. And now he finds himself mired up to his last hair in more more than a mere “murder.” Everyone’s lying. No one’s telling the truth.   Another murder occurs quickly after the first: a CIA agent, killed the same way. As they say; the plot truly is thickening. And the British Government’s M16 is involved in this messy business. Definitely raises the bar.

Piper is Dan’s sidekick. She’s a real pistol.  Goode chose the right character for the part. However, I would like to have more depth to her. As well as Dan.

I love reading about Africa, and I am deeply interested in coffee. There have been some  serious documentaries recently about how coffee is harvested in foreign countries, and how BIG a business it’s become.  I thought at first that the coffee aspect would be brought into place. Maybe in the future.

I would say that  A.K. Goode is a writer to watch. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

A.K. Goode  was born and raised in Virginia.  This is her first novel. Goode sent me a review copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. This is as honest I can get. It is very good for a first novel.


A.K. Goode



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