Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix


Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix

Wow, I am so excited to have a copy of KITCHEN MATRIX, by Mark Bittman, in my greedy little hands. His recipes make me happy. Not only are they tasty, they are also easy and the ingredients are easily gathered.

This new book is filled with new, delicious foods that can be made with a handful of stuff.  Mark manages to put 700 simple recipes and techniques to mix and match endless possibilities.

Mark ,  ” For years I’ve said, ” If you can cook 10 recipes, you can cook 10,000,” and while I’ve always felt it was true, I’ve never believed it more strongly than I do right now. Writing this book has convinced me all over again that from simple recipes spring nearly endless possibilities.”

I immediately began flagging page after page of recipes I knew I would want to try. It quickly got to be ridiculous:)

The table of contents lists ten chapters; everything from appetizers and entertaining to desserts and baking.  The pages give a myriad of options for each item being showcased. For instance, gazpacho is featured on one page with twelve recipes for both red and green cold soup. Simple, easy, and delicious.

raised doughnuts

Doughnuts 4 ways

I love raised doughnuts. No cake doughnuts for this girl. I love the aroma of them when they are fresh, and the way they feel in my mouth as I bite down on them: soft and airy. This recipe looks so easy that even I can do it. I’ve never even attempted to make doughnuts. But I will now:)



Mark has twelve plus ways to grill  eggplants. I fell in love with the white eggplant several years ago when I came across some at our local green market. They are not only lovely to look at, they are sumptuous and light. The recipes are simple to make, healthy to eat, and, of course, they are yummy!

Cookbook author

Mark Bittman

As those of you who follow my blog already know, I am a huge fan of Mark Bittman. I love his simplicity. We own all his cookbooks. And we use them to death. We are both accomplished cooks.

My husband picked up this new book the last night and instantly began spouting off the recipes he wants to cook.

Another winner from Mark Bittman. And I have the generous people at Blogging For Books to thank for this fabulous cookbook in exchange for an honest review. Thanks so much.


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