Crossroads by Tal Ronnen

Tal Ronnen


CROSSROADS, by Tal Ronnen, is a celebration of sophisticated vegan cooking. It is a joy to behold!

Blurbs from the likes of Ellen Degeneres and Mark Bittman appear in this new book by the chef of the wildly popular Los Angeles restaurant of the same name.

Once you’ve experienced the wonder of this book you can connect with your reactions on Instagram and Facebook. You will want to; trust me.


Hearts of Palm Calamari

When I saw this dish I immediately flagged the page. We love fried calamari but have not indulged in years because of the calorie and fat content. Alas, chef Ronnen has solved the problem. It’s sure hard to believe that this dish is actually hearts of palm. And he’s serving it up with cocktail sauce or lemon-caper aioli. Yum!

vegan pasta

Acorn Squash Ravioli

I hadn’t even gotten over the shock from the calamari when I discovered the cover recipe: the one for the acorn squash ravioli. Not only does it look good, it’s amazing.  Served with kale and a black garlic butter sauce.  And add a salad. Perhaps the one  below.

brussels sprouts

Shaved Brussels Sprouts






The shaved Brussels Sprouts salad has only a handful of healthy ingredients, but is really flavorful especially if you allow the flavors to sit a few minutes.  It’s finished with lemon and pine nuts.

This wonderful book has something for everyone. I have my book flagged to pieces. There is a drink in the back of the book that is calling my name. It’s made with vodka or gin, rosé sparkling brut wine, and pears.

In the beginning of the book is a recipe for marinated mediterranean olives with rosemary-fried almonds. I am a sucker for olives and rosemary.

Most of us are really trying to eat healthier and live a better lifestyle. Books like this are a win/win way to get ahead of the game. Plus, I love these ingredients are readily available and not expensive.


Chef Tal Ronnen

My review copy of CROSSROADS by Tal Ronnen, came from Artison books in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I love it!



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