Look What’s Coming Soon!

Emily Holleman

Cleopatra’s Shadows

This beauty is already available for purchase. I am just a bit behind the eight ball. Have not gotten to it yet. I do love reading about Cleopatra and I have it on good merit that this one is a keeper. Review to come.

Renée Rosen

White Collar Girl

WHITE COLLAR GIRL, by Renée Rosen, is going to be a real winner. I can tell from the first chapter. I  have it on my next read list. Mad Men era.  And, oh, what a cover! Pubs in November.

B.A. Shapiro

The Muralist

THE MURALIST, by B.A. Shapiro, is bound  to be a huge hit. Shapiro is the NYT best selling author of THE ART FORGER, three years ago. Well, she’s back. And she’s just as good, maybe better. I loved this one. Review closer to pub date first of November.

Isabel Allende

The Japanese Lover


The chatter about Allende’s upcoming THE JAPANESE LOVER is all good. It may just be her best yet. I will let you know. It pubs early in November. Stay tuned.

I hope I have wetted your literary appetites for the future. And many more great books, coming soon…


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