The Race For Paris by Meg Waite Clayton

Meg Waite Clayton

The Race For Paris

THE RACE FOR PARIS, by Meg Waite Clayton, is a unique look  behind the scenes with women journalists during WW11.

The year is 1944. Jane and Liv meet in a field hospital in France. Jane is a reporter for the Nashville Banner, while Liv is a photographer for the Associated Press. Both are Americans.  And both are in France itching to get to Paris ahead of the Allies for one reason: to get the scoop of a lifetime!

Women were not treated as equals in the journalism world in 1944. In fact, no provisions were even made for women to  be in the trenches. Clayton has certainly done her research. She definitely tells  it  like it “was.”

When Liv realizes she is going to be held back from  the front, she makes a bold decision. After all, the reason she is here is not to be second. She will be first. She is going to get this at all costs.  Going AWOL is not something she chose to do, it was something she had to do. Not to be left behind, Jane jumped on the band wagon.

Jane and Liv meet up with a British military photographer named  Fletcher along the way and become fast friends. Maybe even a bit more than friends. He makes the decision to escort the two ladies to the front.  These three plug along through the mine-ridden fields of war-torn France, knowing their lives are at risk with each step. They each carry emotional baggage into this alliance. And it gets awfully sticky.

Almost at the close of the novel the three come across the most amazing caves in The Netherlands. Caves filled with an entire town’s worth of people who have been hiding for years.  It is one of those unique moments about the war that I had not heard of. And I would like to know much, much more. There is an entirely new story here.

This novel is based on the lives and experiences of the women journalists who lived through the war. Lee Miller and Martha Gellhorn, to name a couple of them.

Meg Waite Clayton is the author of  the best seller WEDNESDAY DAUGHTERS. My review copy came from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.  I think this novel will appeal to anyone wanting unique information about WW11 in a novel format. Well-written and really entertaining.



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