Among The Ten Thousand by Julia Pierpont

Julia Pierpont

Among The Ten Thousand

AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND, by Julia Pierpont, is a strong first novel of a family dealing with the aftermath of marital infidelity.

Jack is a well-know artist living in the Upper West Side of NYC with his wife Deb and their two kids: Simon -15; Kay-11. Deb’s been struggling for months with the knowledge of Jack’s infidelity with a much younger woman. She truly thought she could handle it. That is…until… one day a box is delivered to their apartment. The contents of the box are shocking and life-changing. Certainly not anything a child should be subjected to.

The doorman inadvertently gives it to 11-year-old Kay to take to her mother. And then this family begins its descent.

This portrait of an unraveling American family is written from the views of each family member. The kids are much more interesting than either of the self-centered parents.  The kids were caught up in the middle with almost no chance of getting out of it all unscathed.

I kept remembering that Deb was much younger than Jack. And that she met and wooed him while he was still married to his first wife. Bah! I always think that will blow up in someones face.  It sure does here.


Julia Pierpont

The critics are likening Pierpont to Jennifer Egan and Jonathan Franzen. I can see why, to an extent.  It will surely be interesting to watch her grow.

My finished copy came from Random House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.



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