The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Nina George

The Little Paris Bookshop

I just finished reading THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP by Nina George. Already, I know it’s one of my favorites for this summer. I loved it!

The cover is magnificent. I am immediately transported to Paris. That is always a plus for me. But it’s the magical, sweet, wonderfully told story that steals the show, as it should be in a novel.

Monsieur Perdu runs a literary apothecary. What might that be? Monsieur prescribes novels from his floating barge of a bookstore named Lulu,  which is docked on the Seine. Suffering from the loss of a love? You have a tortured soul? Perdu has just the remedy for you, in a book, of course. Whatever may be ailing you, he has just the book to bring you back to your old self. Unfortunately he has not been able to cure his own broken heart. And that heart has been broken for 21 years now.  The love of his life, his only love in fact, left him a letter all those years ago, then vanished into thin air. And Perdu has not opened this letter.

Finally, after all those years, Perdue reads the letter. This quickly becomes an event and he unleashes Lulu one morning and with a little help from a young and famous author friend named Max, off they go on the adventure of a lifetime… Through the canals of France, through quaint villages, selling books along the way to pay for food and fuel.

This story warmed my heart. It wove itself around my heart and squeezed.  I found myself questioning the importance of this story. Because, yes, I feel it’s important. It can be life-changing in the right hands. It’s about life, about grief and the grieving process. But it’s also about letting go and loving again. Nina George has a way with words. And she is at her best on these pages!

As Perdu and his cast of characters floated, shimmied, and clamored through the canals and rivers of France on their way to Provence, they drew me into their journey and made me feel a part of their lives. It was much more than just a peek into their lives; I became a character. The people drew breath, the aura of the villages popped and crackled with life. And, I almost forgot, the barge was inhabited by two well-read cats: Lindgren and Kafka. The two were sometimes the only physical contact Perdu had in his personal life.

THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP, by Nina George, was just recently translated from the German. George has written more than 26 books and once spent time as a cop  reporter. And, included in the back are some of the recipes they came up with on their journey.  I sure hope she’s writing more novels like this one.

My copy of THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP came from Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I am so grateful for this fabulous and gorgeous book. It is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Thanks so much!



4 thoughts on “The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

  1. Ti, I believe you would love it! I got it through Blogging For Books. It is available from Blogging For Books right now. You should join.

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