Giveaway! Ana Of California by Andi Teran

Ana of California

Ana of California

Ever read ANNE OF GREEN GABLES? Bet you have. Well, whether or not you have you are going to want to read ANA OF CALIFORNIA by Andi Teran. It’s a modern-day more adult retelling of the tale.

When Ana finds herself kicked out of yet another foster home, she expects to be put right back in another. In and out of homes is all she’s known since she became an orphan. But, a big surprise is in store for this fifteen-year-old. Her case worker has decided to try something new for Ana, something outside of the box. And she ships her off to a coastal farming community in a more northern area of California. Ana has only known Los Angeles. So she is in for a culture shock.

This fascinating novel takes on the plight of the migrant workers, while showing us the hard-working side of the organic farming community.You’ll certainly find the characters hard to forget. And Ana endearing.

I have one copy of ANA OF CALIFORNIA( please find book club kit) for my giveaway. Please leave a comment below. Only U.S. addresses and no P.O. boxes, please. Good luck. I will choose one winner one winner on Monday, July 6th.

Thanks go out to the generous people at Penguin Books!

8 thoughts on “Giveaway! Ana Of California by Andi Teran

  1. This wonderful and captivating novel interests me greatly. Having read the entire Anne of Green gables series when I was ten years old and finding it unforgettable, this book would be memorable and special. Thanks for this very interesting feature and great giveaway.

  2. I work with students from the coastal farming region of California so I would very much like the chance to read this book. Not to mention, I loved Anne of Green Gables!

  3. I have been hearing such good things about this book and read Anne of Green Gables several times as a kid. Thanks!

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