The English Spy by Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva


Well, it’s summertime, so it must be time for Daniel Silva to bring us another Gabriel Allon novel. Yes!!! THE ENGLISH SPY is upon us.

I started out gangbusters, reading quickly, soaking it all up. Then it hit me that when I was finished that would be IT for another year. So I managed to rein myself in. I slowed my pace, read every word, savored it all. So happy.

Gabriel Allon is my favorite ongoing character. I think of Daniel Silva as actually being Gabriel. That’s how serious I am. I love the family of characters connected with this series. They are all very real in my mind.

THE ENGLISH SPY begins on a yacht in the Caribbean. You see, “an iconic member of the British Royal Family, beloved for her beauty and charitable works, resented by her former husband and his mother, the Queen of England,” is killed by a bomb that explodes onboard. And who is sent to track down her killer? Why, it’s Gabriel Allon, of course.

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

One of the most notorious mercenaries of all time, Eamon Quinn, is on the loose and will be hunted down ferociously by both Gabriel and Christopher Keller. You will remember Keller from previous works. Keller was first spotted on the island of Corsica. And now I cannot think of Corsica without thinking of Keller.

From Ireland to Vienna to Germany to the Caribbean, and to the coves of Cornwall,  off they go like foxes to the hunt. Shades of Russia and former situations abound. Characters from former Silva novels come and go. And just when you think  the climax is surely around the corner, bango, it slips from your hands once again.

As much as I loved reading this novel, I have to say that I missed interactions with some of the other usual characters. You will not see much of that in THE ENGLISH SPY. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But I could have used a bit more of the “gang.” At the end of the novel several of them are “back.” And the ending is superb!

I so enjoy reading Silva’s author’s notes at the back of the book. In fact, I always read them first. This time mention is made of Russia and Putin. And a comment our U.S. leader has made. I hope it does not come back to bite us in the butt.

I was so pleased to see Daniel on TODAY this morning.  Plus, I enjoyed the NPR interview the other day. Brings much to the table.

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